Practices Within a NOMAS Model DV Offender Program

A program being run under the guidelines of the NOMAS Model for DV Offender Programs incorporates several key components. These include preparation and training processes, communicating with mandating agents, expectations of facilitators/instructors, policies around confidentiality, and accountability of the program to the larger movement to end domestic violence. Instructional content is based on social change principles and understanding the influences of patriarchy and male supremacy as they apply to individual choices and behavior.

More Info Coming Soon On…

  • Staff Development
  • Number of Facilitators/Instructors
  • Pre and Post Session Facilitator Processing Time
  • Confidentiality
  • Women as Offenders/LGBTQ Offenders
  • Modeling Respect
  • Maintaining Accountability in the Classroom
  • Handling Conflicting Perspectives and Dismissals
  • Instructor Roles and Responsibilities
  • Educational Topics that Could Be Covered
  • Choosing Topics to Cover in a Class