The NOMAS Model for DV Offender Programs is our recommended standard for “Batterer Programs.” A NOMAS Model program is grounded in the feminist political analysis that men’s violence against women is rooted in patriarchy and male supremacy. The global dynamic of men’s violence against women is our focus. This is prerequisite to understanding intimate partner violence between those of all orientations and gender identities.

Child custody in the face of domestic violence and child abuse has long been a priority for NOMAS. The dispute is between the vast majority of men and woman who want courts to protect children vs the most extreme abusers who are willing to hurt children in order to maintain power and control over their partners. NOMAS stands with protective mothers and seeks to help reform the broken system, and to educate the public. On this page, we will continue to provide articles with current scientific research to help understand the failures in the custody courts.

The commercial sex industry includes prostitution, sex trafficking, and pornography. Unrestricted capitalism is built on the exploitation of resources, and in male supremacy, this includes men’s ability to purchase the use of women’s, childrens’, and other men’s bodies. This use includes photography, video, exhibition, and physical access. The articles in this section attempt to align ourselves with those feminist thinkers who see prostitution, sex trafficking, and pornography as expressions of patriarchy which must be ended.

For many years, reproductive coercion had been an overlooked but life-changing form of intimate partner abuse. In 2015 NOMAS, in collaboration with the Feminist Women’s Health Center of Atlanta (FWHC) and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), developed and published, Exposing Reproductive Coercion: A toolkit for Awareness-Raising, Assessment, and Intervention.