August 21, 2008 – University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Parallels Between Selected Early Feminist Theories and the Fathers’ Rights and the Men’s Rights Branches

Ed Barton, Ph.D., J.D., Michigan State University Libraries, East Lansing, MI

ABSTRACT- Research indicates that there were some parallels between the early theoretical development of second wave feminist theory and the pro-feminist men’s movement, as compared with those branches of the contemporary men’s movement from the right end of the political spectrum, such as the fathers’ rights branch.
This discussion will explore these similarities and further explore the divergences that occurred, with a look at their implications for the future of men’s work and the contemporary men’s movement.

A Review of This Year’s Research in Men’s Studies: What Can the Abstracts Tell Us?

David Greene, Ph.D., Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ

ABSTRACT – A look at trends, issues and interesting tidbits gleaned from a review of research published in three leading men’s studies journals—The Journal of Men’s Studies, Men & Masculinities and Psychology of Men and Masculinity.