On August 1, 2010, the Men’s Studies Association of the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) held its 22nd National Meeting in Anaheim, CA, in conjunction with the NCADV/NOMAS collaborative conference on Ending Violence:  Changin Faces of the Movement.  The scheduled offerings of scholarly papers in the field of men’s studies were as follows:

  • Domestic Violence Court Research. Chris O’Sullivan, Co-Principal Investigator at Center for Court Innovation.
  • Co-Constructing a Queer Relationship: Vulnerably Writing Masculinities. Derek Bolen, doctoral student, Department of Communication, Wayne State University, and Brandon Hensley, Lecturer and Presidential Scholar, Department of Communication Studies, Eastern Illinois University.
  • Domestic Violence, Contested Child Custody and the Courts: Findings from Five Studies. Sharon K. Araji, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, University of Colorado, Denver, and Barry Goldstein, J.D., Advocate for Protective Mothers.
    The Harm of Pornography: Research Findings Revisited. Bob Brannon, Prof. of Psychology, Brooklyn College.
  • Guyland. Michael Kimmel, Prof. of Sociology, Stony Brook State University of New York.
  • A Review of this Year’s Research in Men’s Studies: What can the Abstracts Tell Us? David Greene, Emeritus Prof. of Psychology, Ramapo College

The Men’s Studies Association serves to link a diverse group of activist scholars, students, teachers, practitioners, and others who study issues of men and masculinity through a feminist-informed perspective.

Our meetings are open to everyone and are of interest to non-academics: instead of just jargon and statistics, we provide food for thought, support for feminist positions, lively discussion, and time well spent.