Battered Mothers Custody Conference

The Conference includes presentations, round-table discussions, and question & answer sessions with nationally distinguished professionals whose work is focused on resolving the complex issues facing battered women as they strive to protect themselves and their children in and out of court during custody and visitation disputes. It is open to lay persons and of special interest to advocates, social workers, psychologists, attorneys, judges, legal personnel, and others involved in the issue of battered women’s
and abused children’s legal and civil rights being routinely violated by family courts, DSS, and other government systems.

Protective Mother Alliance

Protective Mothers Alliance(PMA) is an international organization co directed by Lundy Bancroft and Janice Levinson working to bring about change through education, legislation reform, and enforcement of current legislation. PMA supports the effort of protective moms in keeping themselves and their children safe from the abuse of a former partner, and in empowering these moms to become advocates for themselves and others. PMA is committed to bringing about dramatic reforms in the treatment of protective moms and their children in family court.

California Protective Parents

The Mission of the California Protective Parents Association is to protect children from incest and family violence through research, education and advocacy.

Courageous Kids Network

The Courageous Kids Network, are a growing group of young people, whose childhood was shattered by biased and inhumane court rulings, which forced us to live with our abusive parent, while restricting or sometimes completely eliminating contact with our loving and protective parent. We who survived, got older and stronger. Now we are telling the world how much we were hurt, first by our abusers and then by the court that refused to protect us.

Children Against Court Appointed Child Abuse (CA3)

CA3 is an organization founded by adult Children who suffered Court Appointed Child Abuse (also known as CA-CA):
1.) The Court was made aware that there had been abuse to the child.
2.) The Court ignored or minimized the abuse to the child.
3.) The Court ordered the child to be alone in the hands of her/his abuser.

Stop Family Violence

Stop Family Violence’s mission is to organize and amplify our nation’s collective voice against family violence. We are a catalyst for social change – empowering people to take action at the local, state and national level to ensure safety, justice, accountability and healing for people whose lives are affected by violent relationships