VERSION 1.5 (February 18, 2002) You may use this citation database (MS Word format) and accompanying files for any personal or educational purpose. You are encouraged to duplicate and distribute this information to others in the movement to end men’s violence, provided that you do so at cost and include this copyright notification. For-profit distribution requires my permission. Citebaseâ„¢ is provided “as is” without expressed or implied warranty. This citation database (Citebaseâ„¢) and accompanying files are designed to provide phrasing and reference information to increase the credibility of ending men’s violence activists with news media and public officials. We have come under attack for saying things such as “The FBI says that a woman is battered every 7 seconds” with no research to back up what we claim. If you search Keyword columns of the Citebase for DV (or Woman Abuse), you will find a number of studies to reference. Copyright ©1994-2002 Jack C. Straton.

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