Putin’s War on Ukraine: Macro Authoritarian Toxic Masculinity and Domestic Abuse

Like all wars, Putin’s Russian aggression towards Ukraine, is an act of male domination: male supremacy and privilege as part of the patriarchal ideology of ownership and possession. The language of Putin’s war is the language of domestic abuse: male aggrievement and gaslighting through misinformation and victim blaming (you made me do it). Authoritarian Institutional […]

The Latest GOP “Blood Libel” Attack on the LGBTQ Community

The recent appearance of the slurs of “Grooming” and “pro-pedophile” in the authoritarian Christianist right-wing media, has a long historical context reminiscent of the medieval “blood Libel”, the anti-Semetic accusations and witch hunts used to stir up anti-Jewish antipathy and violence in the guise of protecting Christian children. These anti-LGBTQ dog-whistles are now being used by […]