2011 BrotherPeace Award: Dr. Margaret Baldwin

The Ending Men’s Violence Network of NOMAS addresses all forms of violence by men, particularly in the context of patriarchal privilege and sexism. The EMV-Net has been especially active in working against domestic abuse, but also addresses sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault, and the abuse of women in prostitution, and pornography.
The EMV-Net periodically awards its National BrotherPeace Award to an individual who has made significant lifetime achievements in combating Men’s Violence, or whose current work strongly exemplifies the principles of NOMAS and the Ending Men’s Violence Network.

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NCADV's 15th National Conference Domestic Violence

Gastrointestinal Well-being Plays a Key Role in Men's Health

Despite the prevalence of gastrointestinal conditions among the male population, many men continue to suffer quietly from severe diseases that typically receive less funding for research and treatment than other health conditions. Experts estimate that over 1.4 million individuals in the U.S., many of whom are men, are currently suffering from digestive diseases.

A number of medications widely prescribed to men can increase the risk of serious gastrointestinal disorders.

The Importance of Using Accountable Language

by Phyllis B. Frank and Barry Goldstein

This article was conceived because of the frequency with which leaders of our movement and presenters at conferences use unaccountable language in our presentations and proposals, even as they deeply care about ending men’s violence against women and have devoted their lives to helping women partnered with abusive men.

New Brocure: for Men and other Support People during Her Abortion Process

After a lengthy review process, The Feminist Women's Health Center, in conjunction with the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, are proud to announce the debut of a brochure entitled "for Men and other Support People during Her Abortion Process".  The brochure addresses the need for comprehensive education and sensitive rendering of the challenges faced by males and other supportive parties bringing a woman into health-care settings for an abortion.

Objectification Of Women

“Objectification of Women”
Phyllis B. Frank

Pictures Never Lie ? Think about the hundreds or thousands pictures of Women that we see, every month and year, in magazines, on TV, in the movies, in advertising. How do these pictures compare with what we see when we look at the real women around us, every day?

In a country where coverage of women's lives and achievements is hardly equal to that of men’s, where pictures of women scientists, writers, and thinkers rarely appear in the popular press, we are awash in photographs of anonymous young women, selected and pictured to sell products, attract attention, and please male viewers.

22nd Men's Studies Association Schedule of Presentations

On August 1, 2010, the Men's Studies Association of the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) held its 22nd National Meeting in Anaheim, CA, in conjunction with the NCADV/NOMAS collaborative conference on Ending Violence:  Changin Faces of the Movement.  The scheduled offerings of scholarly papers in the field of men's studies were as follows:

  • Domestic Violence Court Research.

Want To Be A Good Dad? Support Mom And Avoid Father’s Rights Groups

By Trish Wilson
Reprinted with permission of the author

Over the past decade, fatherhood has been all the rage and dads are naturally the talk of pundits on Father’s Day. So let’s say you’re a divorcing dad and you’re having trouble coping. You look for help on the internet and discover the father’s rights movement.

Be warned – avoid father’s rights groups like the plague.

Stop Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is 21st century slavery. There are more slaves today – 27 million – than ever in all 400 years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade combined. Every year over 2 million women and children are sold into slavery around the world in what is considered a form of modern day slavery.

Batterer Programs may be more Harmful than Beneficial

When an abusive man is required by a Judge to attend a weekly local group "for batterers" for six months or a year, his partner and everyone who knows the situation is likely to breath a "Whew!" of relief, and think that now he is "getting the help he needs." It is a sad reality that, (self-serving claims and anecdotal stories to the contrary), there is no solid empirical evidence that any such groups have in fact ever significantly reduced or even altered the incidence of violence.

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