The NOMAS Model for Domestic Violence (DV) Offender Programs

The NOMAS Model for DV Offender Programs is our recommended standard for programs that are established in communities with a focus on holding dv offenders accountable and promoting strategies to reduce domestic violence in those communities. The NOMAS Model has been in development since the late 1970s, and remains committed to learning new methods and protocols that support the overall goal of ending domestic violence. The development of the Model has been (and continues to be) accomplished in collaboration with the larger movement to end domestic violence (previously known as the “Battered Women’s Movement”). This occurs through work with domestic violence service providers and domestic violence coalitions.

The NOMAS Model is grounded in the feminist political analysis that men’s violence against women is rooted in patriarchy and male supremacy. This has led us to develop a set of Underlying Principles, which form the foundation of how we believe any individual program should operate both within a community and within the program itself.

The NOMAS Model for DV Offender Programs believes that measuring success must be approached from a community and institutional change perspective. This approach remains consistent with the focus on social change as it relates to ending domestic violence (and sexism).

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Working to address men’s violence against women is a challenge and is best done in collaboration with others working in the field. Join us and bring your questions for discussion. NOMAS welcomes all who wish to know more about the NOMAS Model, and about domestic violence offenders utilizing a racial and gender justice lens. Key values include respect, collaboration, offender accountability and so much more. Advocates, court personnel, probation officers and others are most welcome. Conducting virtual group sessions and policies are also on the agenda.

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