New downloadable brochure for institutions and health centers to address the men and support people in abortion settings.

After a lengthy review process, The Feminist Women’s Health Center, in conjunction with the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, are proud to announce the debut of a brochure entitled “for Men and other Support People during Her Abortion Process”. The brochure addresses the need for comprehensive education and sensitive rendering of the challenges faced by males and other supportive parties bringing a woman into health-care settings for an abortion.

This brochure is freely available as a downloadable PDF file for use by clinics, hospitals, health centers and other institutions that offer abortion services where concerned others, men and other support people, await reunification with a woman undergoing an abortion. The generic version of the brochure includes spaces for branding your clinic or institution. If this brochure is of use in your settings please configure, as needed, with your institutional contact information, while maintaining the body of the text and retaining the credits of its originators.

Download Brochure Here :FWHCnomasMensbrochureGeneric