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Songs of the Pro-Feminist Men’s Movement

Songs of NOMAS: For over 40 years NOMAS has supported cultural workers, through arts and media, as voices of the activist movement that NOMAS represents.  Music and song have been an integral part of the NOMAS Men and Masculinity conference tradition.  Below is a representative compilation of these songs and their attribution.  Thank you to Peter Alsop for this compilation. IT’S ONLY A WEE-WEE, SO WHAT’S

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The Myth of the Battered Husband Syndrome

By Jack C. Straton, Ph.D. Department of Physics Portland State University Portland, OR 97207-0751 Reprinted with permission from masculinities 2, 79-82 (1994). The most recurrent backlash against women’s safety is the myth that men are battered as often as women. Suzanne Steinmetz [1] created this myth with her 1977 study of 57 couples, in which four wives were seriously beaten but no husbands

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by Michael S. Kimmel (Published as “Gender Symmetry in Domestic Violence: A Substantive and Methodological Research Review) Synopsis written by Rus Ervin Funk, MSW Center for Women and Families, Louisville, KY in Violence Against Women, (2002) This substantial article examines the issues of men who are victimized by domestic violence in heterosexual relationships. Over the past several years, there has increasing attention to the

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Men’s Studies Association of NOMAS honors American feminist scholars

The Men’s Studies Association of NOMAS wishes to identify and honor the many American scholars who, since the late 1960’s, have been: Notable Career Contributors to Social Science, from a Clearly Feminist Perspective.  .While any such list inevitably will be incomplete, the MSA has tentatively identified the following qualified social scientists: Paula Gunn Allen, Kathleen Barry, Pauline Bart, Sandra Bem, Jesse Bernard, Lee Bowker,

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Lincoln Did Not “Free the Slaves” – The Little-known Story of How Feminists Ended Slavery

By Dr. Robert Brannon   It is widely believed that human slavery was ended in the United States by Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Emancipation Proclamation’. This is not true. Human slavery was ended in America primarily by a grass-roots petition campaign led by radical feminists – in particular, by Susan Anthony and her close friend Elizabeth Stanton. Both women had been ardent and life-long Abolitionists. Susan

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Online Guide for Helping Trafficked or Prostituted Girls

Click Here for an Online Guide for Mothers, Grandmothers, and Others for Helping a Girl Caught in Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

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Men’s Studies Association: Call for Papers!

The Men’s Studies Association is now accepting research paper, panel and presentation proposals for its 25th annual meeting to be announced. The Association seeks proposals that evaluate current advances in the scholarship of men’s studies and examine diverse aspects in gender identity, gender roles, masculinity, and the experiences of men’s lives. Please submit proposals by March 15, 2012, on a separate sheet of paper

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