The Men’s Studies Association (MSA) was founded in 1982.

This interdisciplinary division of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) serves to link together a diverse group of scholars, students, teachers, practitioners, and others who study issues of men and masculinity. Our goal is to make significant contributions to the field of Men’s Studies through a feminist-informed perspective. In so doing, we seek to understand ways in which the lives of men and women may be enhanced through the critical study of men and masculinity and analyses of the social, cultural, and historical constructions of masculinity and male identity formation. Over the years, the MSA has influenced the field of men’s studies primarily through the publication of a journal and, since 1989, an annual MSA meeting. The journal, which presents cutting-edge scholarly research and theory, began as The Men’s Studies Review. It then evolved into Masculinities, published by Guilford Press. The current journal, Men and Masculinities, made its debut in July 1998. This widely available quarterly is published by Sage under the editorship of MSA co-chair Michael Kimmel. Although the MSA no longer publishes its own journal, our perspective and mission are currently represented by Men and Masculinities, and BROTHER, the NOMAS journal, which publishes the abstracts of the annual Men’s Studies Association meetings.