BrotherPeace Award 2010 To Rose Garrity

The Ending Men’s Violence Network of NOMAS addresses all forms of violence by men, particularly in the context of patriarchal privilege and sexism.

The EMV-Net has been especially active in working against domestic abuse, but also addresses sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault, and the abuse of women in prostitution and pornography.

The EMV-Net periodically awards its National BrotherPeace Award to an individual who has made significant lifetime achievements in combating Men’s Violence, or whose current work strongly exemplifies the principles of NOMAS and the Ending Men’s Violence Network.

We are delighted this year to be able to present this award to Rose Garrity, a hero of the Feminist Men’s Movement, as well as, a pillar for many years of the Domestic Violence movement, and of NCADV.

For a woman like Rose Garrity, the words “Significant Lifetime Achievements in Combating Men’s Violence” could not possibly be more fitting. She is the Executive Director of A New Hope Center (ANHC), an upstate New York organization providing advocacy, counseling, safe shelter, support groups, nonresidential domestic violence, batterer, and teen programs, rape crisis and comprehensive crime victims services, and support for survivors of abuse, sexual assault and other crimes.

Rose Garrity’s agency does its work with an anti-oppression consciousness and serves LGBT QQI and other guests from a region beyond its own county.

Rose is the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the NCADV, onthe board of a local Center for Gender, Arts and Culture, and has written and trained on topics of justice and equality for many years.

Rose serves on The National Council of NOMAS, and as Co-Chair of its NationalCommittee on Class Issues.

She was a co-creator, and has served on the faculty of the national training institute for the New York Model for Batterer Programs for many years.