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Survivors of Prostitution and Trafficking Manifesto

NOMAS supports the “Survivors of Prostitution and Trafficking Manifesto” from the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Survivors of Prostitution and Trafficking Manifesto: “Who Represents Women in Prostitution?” Press Conference – European Parliament October 17, 2005 We, the survivors of prostitution and trafficking gathered at this press conference today, declare that prostitution is violence against women. Women in prostitution do not wake up one day

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Does Consensual Prostitution Exist?

By Robert Brannon, PHD, Chair NOMAS Task Group on Pornography and Prostitution, Should there be any legal (or any feminist – political) objection to a mutually consensual agreement, between two adults, to exchange money for sex?   Before answering, one must think a little more about the meaning of the word “consensual.“   If we say that a person (e.g. a woman) is consenting to have sexual intercourse with a stranger,

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Taxing Prostitution? Please Think Again… and a bit Deeper

Raising funds by taxing prostitution is surely among the most wrong-headed, misinformed – and in the deepest sense immoral – ideas being pushed in America today. Thus The New York Times’ unusually light-hearted and splashy, four-columns, two-photos story by Charlie LeDuff on 6/28/03, which naively glamorized and implicitly promoted prostitution will give more fuel to all the critics who increasingly wonder when the respected

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The Fight Against Sex Trafficking: Still An Uphill Struggle

At first glance, it would seem that the horrors of sex-trafficking have finally been clearly recognized in 2009; that change for the better is happening.   Public opinion seems strongly against sex trafficking.  The U.S. “Trafficking Victims Protection Act” (TVPA) has been extended for two more years.  And New York State recently passed the strongest and most comprehensive anti-trafficking measure in American history. A closer look at

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Stop Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is 21st century slavery. There are more slaves today – 27 million – than ever in all 400 years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade combined. Every year over 2 million women and children are sold into slavery around the world in what is considered a form of modern day slavery. Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion to obtain their victims. Human traffickers

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