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NOMAS proud sponsor of Friedan Monument: “Birthplace of the Modern Women’s Movement”

GRAND VIEW, NY, TO DEDICATE BETTY FRIEDAN MONUMENT NOVEMBER 10, 2011. Picturesque Grand View-on-Hudson in New York State lays claim to the title of “Birthplace of the Modern Women’s Movement” on November 10 at 11 a.m. with dedication of a monument proclaiming the village as the site where Betty Friedan wrote her world-changing book “The Feminine Mystique.” Set on a seven-foot-tall post in front

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The Developmental Experience of Gay/Lesbian Youth

Don Johnson, PhD I propose that everyone in our society is homophobic. In addition, it is my strong belief that gay and lesbian individuals, prior to coming out, are among the most homophobic people in our society. Most of us do not think of ourselves as homophobic, however, and many people will disagree with this concept of universal homophobia, especially as applied to them.

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