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Position Statement Against Anger Management as a Response to Men’s Violence Against Women

NOMAS (National Organization for Men Against Sexism), strongly opposes the use of “Anger Management” or Anger Management Programs as a criminal/civil disposition or means in which to deal with violence against an intimate partner. Over the last thirty-plus years of experience working with men in batterer programs – including the experience of domestic violence advocates – it is clear that men are not out-of-control,

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The Painful Cost of Disbelieving Women

The Painful Cost of Disbelieving Women by Barry Goldstein. A man in one of the batterer classes I teach couldn’t wait to bring up the Duke Lacrosse and Tawana Brawley cases to counter research that women rarely make false reports of rape or abuse.  While many men in the class, like the general public are familiar with the rare cases in which a woman

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Blaming by Naming: Battered Women and the Epidemic of Codependence

Phyllis B. Frank and Gail Kadison Golden Codependency is an increasingly popular term for describing an expanding population of individuals. This concept, originally identified by drug and alcohol counselors, was formulated to describe those individuals who make relationships with substance abusers, enable them, and fail to leave them even after it becomes clear that the relationship is a damaging one (Rockland County Department of

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Battered/Formerly Battered Women’s Caucus

STATEMENT-July 14, 2004 In order for the domestic violence movement to facilitate effective and positive social change in our society, it is imperative that Battered and Formerly Battered Women have a clear presence and a loud voice to direct and guide this movement. We have a commitment to provide compassionate,respectful support to the women we serve. As a movement, it is in our best

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Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice: Mice or Men?

By Barry Goldstein   What I Want from Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice The NFL suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season in response to his plea bargain taking responsibility for the criminal beating he inflicted on his four-year-old son.  Adrian Peterson and the NFL Players Association immediately announced an appeal.  Ray Rice already had a hearing in

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Position paper on court mandated mental health treatment for men who batter

Many courts throughout the country are using mental health treatment as a penalty for men’s acts of assault against their partners. It is our strong professional determination, based on many decades of work in the field, that an order for mental health treatment as a sanction for an assault is not the appropriate response. Mental health treatment offers people the opportunity to do the

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