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National Council

NOMAS National Council is comprised of men and women elected from the NOMAS membership based on a number of criteria including past effectiveness in NOMAS causes and general recognition as leaders. The council is chaired by two co-chairs who individually and collectively have decision-making responsibility for NOMAS on a variety of issues affecting the organization at large. Current co-chairs are Allen Corben and Moshe Rozdzial. A complete list of the NOMAS leadership council is posted below.

Ben Atherton-Zeman: Spokesperson for NOMAS. Actor, Comedian, Feminist and Husband. Presenting a One-Man Play, “Voices of Men,” which uses humor and celebrity male voice impressions to educate audiences about sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of men’s violence against women. Video clips now available.

Don Bell: Don Bell is trainer and leader on issues of multiculturalism, sexism, Racism, homophobia, and HIV/AIDS. He lives in Chicago, Il.

Allen Corben: NOMAS co-chair, is on staff at Fuller Theological Seminary. He does interfaith and interreligious work with the National Conference for Community and Justice (formerly known as National Conference of Christians and Jews). Allen is the NOMAS task group leader on Homophobia, and co-leader of the task group on Men and Spirituality with Moshe Rozdzial.

Phyllis B. Frank: Director, VCS Community Change Project, Rockland County, NY; Founding director of the national training institute New York Model for Batterer Programs; Founding director of Gay Pride Rockland; President of the Rockland County Chapter of NOW, Co-Chair of NOW NYS Task Force on Pornography.

Rose Garrity: Executive Director of A New Hope Center (ANHC), , an upstate New York organization providing advocacy, counseling, safe shelter, support groups, nonresidential domestic violence, batterer, and teen programs, rape crisis and comprehensive crime victims services, and activism, support, training and community education for survivors of abuse, sexual assault and other crimes. ANHC does its work with an anti-oppression consciousness and serves LGBTQQI and other guests from a region including and beyond its own county. Rose is the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, on the board of a local Center for Gender, Arts and Culture, and has written and trained on topics of justice and equality for many years. She has served on the faculty of the national training institute “New York Model for Batterer Programs” for many years.

Barry Goldstein, J.D.: has been part of the movement to end domestic violence since 1983. He’s been chairperson and on the board of My Sisters’ Place, and an instructor and supervisor in a NY Model Batterer Program. Mr. Goldstein is the co-editor with Dr. Maureen Hannah of “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE AND CHILD CUSTODY” (Civic Research Institute, to be published early 2010), and “SCARED TO LEAVE AFRAID TO STAY” (Robert D. Reed, Publishers-2002), which seek to change the way professionals handle domestic violence custody cases so that children won’t be forced to live with abusers. Barry Goldstein is a frequent presenter at judicial trainings and domestic violence workshops and is qualified as an expert witness regarding domestic violence. Barry is also co-chair of the NOMAS Task Group on Child Custody.

David Greene:
David Greene is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. His teaching, scholarship and activism are primarily centered around issues related to gender and to social class.

Jacob Jacquez: has worked with survivors of domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault as an Adult Case Manager at South Valley Sanctuary and crisis line volunteer at the Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. He continues his work as a shelter advocate and recently joined the Salt Lake Area Domestic Violence Coalition.

Chris S. O’Sullivan: Chris S. O’Sullivan is a social psychologist who has been conducting research on men’s violence – mostly against women but also against each other – and evaluation of interventions for thirty years, with particular focus on the civil and criminal justice responses. Her passions include understanding the social causes of human violence and injustice toward humans and other species, truth in the sense of factual accuracy, and lucid writing. Lately she has turned to writing curricula and training. She is involved in her community of Washington Heights, NYC, serving on the Community Board and with other local organizations.

Moshe Rozdzial: NOMAS co-chair. Moshe is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in private practice, in Denver, Colorado. He is a certified sex therapist, addiction interventionist, and trauma counselor. Moshe is a trainer and presenter on issues of diversity, multiculturalism, social justice, gender identity, sexual orientation, men’s issues, and sexuality. He is also co-chair of the men’s culture, Health and mental health, pro-feminism, and homophobia and heterosexism task groups.

Jack Straton: Assistant Professor at Portland State University. Founder, Men Against Rape groups in Eugene, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and Manhattan, Kansas. He has published extensively in professional journals from his research in Quantum Scattering Theory, Gender Equity, and Diversity Training Methods. He has served as co-chair of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) and, as co-chair of the NOMAS Task Group on Child Custody Issues, is recognized as one of the leading writers and speakers in the country with expertise on ethical and public policy issues related to the overlap between child custody, child abuse, and woman abuse.

Gregory R. White: is Director and founding staff member of the Catholic Charities Domestic Violence Program for Men – a NY Model for Batterer Program in Buffalo, NY. He has been engaged in the anti-oppression work for over twenty years and is a frequent trainer and presenter at national and international conferences. He is Co-Director of the National Training Institute on the NY Model for Batterer Programs and past Chair of the Erie County Coalition Against Family Violence.

Gloria Woods: comes to NOMAS with decades of activism in the National Organization for Women (NOW) at the local, state and national levels, working on the issues and intersections of reproductive rights, equality for the LGBT community, racial and economic justice, ending domestic and sexual violence, and child custody as an abuse and control tactic used by batterers. As an elected NOW leader (Saginaw NOW and Michigan NOW President, NOW National Board member), she spoke and wrote on these issues to the public, elected bodies and the press. In her professional life, she worked as a Sexual Assault Victims’s Advocate and as Director of Services at Underground Railroad, Inc., a Domestic and Sexual Assault Victim’s center and shelter in Saginaw, Michigan. She also held the position of Executive Director of the Tri-County Fair Housing Center, Saginaw, MI, and retired as an Investigator for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

Wayne Morris: is a long time activist and original co-presenter at the institute for the New York Model for Batterers Programs. He is currently supervising and teaching classes at VCS Domestic Violence Program for Men.

Leadership Collective

NOMAS Leadership Collective is made up of members and volunteers who perform a variety of tasks including membership in task groups. acting as resource people or speakers on behalf of NOMAS, and other contributers to NOMAS as designated by the national council

Task Groups/Resource People

NOMAS entrusts policy statements and actions in specific content areas to national resource persons and task group leaders. The National Council has designated resource persons for the areas below.

*Robert Brannon: Professor, Brooklyn College, retired, and NOMAS co-founder. He serves as Men’s Studies Association and NOMAS Pornography and Prostitution Task Group leader and is NYS-NOW Task Force Co-Chair on Trafficking, Pornography and Prostitution.