Ending Men’s Violence

Oppression expresses itself through legislation as well as individual behavior. Forms of systemic condescension, coercive control, outright hostility, and explicit violence influence and justify individual men’s violence against women and certain other men, against any who challenge the ingrained oppressive structures. Men who have received the ideology of male supremacy through every social structure they encounter have not had a choice about whether or not to receive this message. The default attitude is one of supremacy, and it takes a great deal of energy to recognize the violence in what we have been taught is “normal” and “appropriate”, to expose it, and to take steps to end it. This section deals with the myriad ways that men can take up the task of ending men’s violence against women, and against other men, both individually and socially.

Also see NOMAS Model for Domestic Violence Offender Programs.

Why Are Anti-sexist Men Confronting Violence Against Women?

The Ending Men’s Violence Network of NOMAS is devoted to ending the whole range of men’s violence, against women, against children, and against one another. We believe that the world is bleeding from many forms of male violence, and that it must be stopped. We are sometimes asked, but more often people simply wonder without […]

Manufacturing Consent – Is It Rape?

by Ben Atherton-Zeman–August 2006 How do you know when your partner has consented to sex? Do you ask, or do you assume they’ve consented if they don’t say anything? Do you watch for body language? Do you try to “make them relax” if it seems like they’re not consenting? Rather than seeking consent, you may […]

Manhood and Violence: The Deadliest Equation

by Michael Kimmel, PhD In the days and months following the tragedy at Columbine, the nation stared at the pictures of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold trying to understand the unfathomable – how these two young boys could arm themselves to the teeth and open fire on their classmates and teachers. We continued to stare […]

2009 BrotherPeace Award goes to Barry Goldstein

The Ending Men’s Violence Network of NOMAS addresses all forms of violence by men, particularly in the context of patriarchal privilege and sexism.  The EMV-Net is especially active in working against domestic abuse, but also addresses sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault, and the abuse of women in trafficking, prostitution and pornography. The EMV-Net periodically […]