Ending Men’s Violence

Oppression expresses itself through legislation as well as individual behavior. Forms of systemic condescension, coercive control, outright hostility, and explicit violence influence and justify individual men’s violence against women and certain other men, against any who challenge the ingrained oppressive structures. Men who have received the ideology of male supremacy through every social structure they encounter have not had a choice about whether or not to receive this message. The default attitude is one of supremacy, and it takes a great deal of energy to recognize the violence in what we have been taught is “normal” and “appropriate”, to expose it, and to take steps to end it. This section deals with the myriad ways that men can take up the task of ending men’s violence against women, and against other men, both individually and socially.

Also see NOMAS Model for Domestic Violence Offender Programs.

Not a Two-Way street: Men are NOT the victims of what is meant by Domestic Violence and Abuse

Just as some mental problems are more prevalent among women (e.g. depression) or men (e.g. alcoholism); many crimes are very, very highly correlated with gender. Men commit near 100% of forcible rapes, 90% of murders, etc. It is a simple fact that men are usually larger and physically stronger than their female partners. It is […]

2011 BrotherPeace Award: Dr. Margaret Baldwin

For Outstanding Lifetime Achievement and Leadership on behalf of Women and Girls used in Prostitution The Ending Men’s Violence Network of NOMAS addresses all forms of violence by men, particularly in the context of patriarchal privilege and sexism. The EMV-Net has been especially active in working against domestic abuse, but also addresses sexual harassment, rape […]

NOMAS Joined Successful Amicus Brief to Protect Women’s-only Shelters

Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against CA Shelters March 18, 2005 NOMAS joined an amicus brief with California Women’s Law Center in a case, in which a man who claimed to be a domestic violence victim brought an unsuccessful equal protection challenge to state funding for Los Angeles area women-only domestic violence shelters. Serving as a tester […]

NOMAS Panel Discusses Causes, Preventions for Same-Sex Domestic Violence

Panel Discusses Causes, Preventions for Same-Sex Domestic Violence Reprinted with permission from QsaltLake (qsaltlake.com) Written by JoSelle Vanderhooft Wednesday, 16 January 2008 A panel of experts in domestic violence – all members of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism – met Jan. 11 at the South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society to discuss the problem […]


VERSION 1.5 (February 18, 2002) You may use this citation database (MS Word format) and accompanying files for any personal or educational purpose. You are encouraged to duplicate and distribute this information to others in the movement to end men’s violence, provided that you do so at cost and include this copyright notification. For-profit distribution […]

Campus Sexual Assault Response Teams and Peer Education Groups

IVRT: Interpersonal Violence Response Team, Northern Illinois University PAIRS: Providing Advocacy and Intervention Regarding Sexual Assault, SUNY Oneonta SAFER: Sexual Assault Free Environment Resource, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo SOS: Sexual Offense Support, Delaware State SRVP: Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, West Chester University CARE: Campus Assault Response, James Madison University SARV: Sexual Assault & […]

Bibliography for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Books and Articles: Ainscough, C. & Toon, K. (2000). Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse. Great Britain: Fisher Books. Bass, E. & Davis, L. (2003). Beginning to Heal. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. Black, C. & DeBlassie, R. (1993). Sexual Abuse in Male Children and Adolescents: Indicators, Effects, and Treatments. Adolescence, 28(109), 123-133. Carnes, P. (1991). Don’t […]

Acquaintance Rape of College Students

The Problem of Acquaintance Rape of College Students Rape is the most common violent crime on American college campuses today. This guide describes the problem of acquaintance rape of college students, addressing its scope, causes and contributing factors; methods for analyzing it on a particular campus; tested responses; and measures for assessing response effectiveness. With […]

Gay Bashing is About Masculinity

By Michael Kimmel Reprinted with permission from the author. This article appeared in the Winter 2011 issue of Voice Male magazine (www.voicemalemagazine.org). The tragic suicide of Rutgers University first year student Tyler Clementi last fall led to a wave of national hand-wringing anguish about the daily torture and humiliations suffered by young gays and lesbians. […]

Domestic Violence or Abuse are Not a “Mental Health Issues”: Position Statement

People who burn down buildings, or set off bombs, or murder other people, may arguably have mental “problems,” and no doubt “need help,” but society does not view serious crimes as primarily “mental health” issues; it addresses them with prison terms, not with counseling groups or psychotherapy. Domestic abuse and even violence however have long […]