The NFL Must Focus On Prevention As Well As Punishment

By Barry Goldstein


The Stop Abuse Campaign is focused on stopping domestic violence through implementation of the Quincy Solution.  This is why we have offered three articles criticizing the NFL for the lenient, unaccountable response to Ray Rice’s brutal attack on his then girl friend. We also commended Commissioner Goodell for acknowledging his mistake and implementing strict policies that will impose meaningful consequences for players who assault their partners in the future.  Today all decent people were sickened by a video of Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer so hard as to knock her unconscious.  The Baltimore Ravens quickly terminated his contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  We applaud these actions however delayed they were.

Last week the Stop Abuse Campaign wrote to Commissioner Goodell.  We supported his policy change to take domestic violence more seriously.  We asked him to make the focus on prevention so that he does not have to respond AFTER another horrific assault.  The Quincy Solution will dramatically reduce domestic violence crime and especially murders.  Rita Smith who was one of the experts consulted by Commissioner Goodell wrote the foreword for Barry Goldstein’s book about the Quincy Solution.  She said this is what the leaders of the DV movement have been waiting for.  Accordingly we asked the NFL to take the pledge to end domestic violence by supporting the Quincy Solution.  The NFL has the platform and resources to make sure the public learns that domestic violence is not inevitable and women and children can be safe in their homes.

Today we are asking that people who never want to see a video like the one below please contact the NFL and ask them to take the pledge to end domestic violence by supporting the Quincy Solution.

How to contact the NFL

By email: follow this URL and click on “Other”

On Twitter: @NFL


What to say to the NFL:

Pledge to support the Quincy Solution and prevent domestic violence #RayRice #stopabuse

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

I’m writing to thank you for committing the NFL to take effective action after a domestic violence assault becomes known to the authorities, and to ask that you extend the NFL’s leadership with public support for the Quincy Solution which prevents future domestic violence crimes.

Your involvement in responding to domestic violence comes at an exciting time when domestic violence and child advocacy organizations are about to release a proven plan that will dramatically reduce domestic violence.  In my new book, The Quincy Solution: Stop Domestic Violence and Save $500 Billion, being released on October 1st for Domestic Violence Prevention Month, Rita Smith, one of the experts who advised you and the former Executive Director of NCADV, writes in her foreword that peace is more than the absence of violence. It takes innovative practices to make women and children safe in their homes.

The Quincy Solution is based on effective practices developed in communities like Quincy, Nashville and San Diego that dramatically reduce domestic violence crime, especially murder. The Quincy Solution leverages new research, technology like GPS, and inclusion of the custody courts.  In her foreword, Rita Smith said the Quincy Solution is what the leaders in her movement have been waiting for.  I am writing to you because the NFL is in a unique position to help make the dream of safe homes a reality.

The NCADV and Stop Abuse Campaign are spearheading a campaign in support of the Quincy Solution to coincide with the publication of my book – a portion of the proceeds will support their campaign to implement the Quincy Solution.  For the first time in history we have a realistic opportunity to prevent most domestic violence.

We ask that the NFL join us by declaring their support for the Quincy Solution by joining the leaders of other organizations in calling for an end to domestic violence because of the huge human, financial and public-health benefits.

In her foreword, Rita wrote that she can’t help but think of all the courageous women who died and all the anguished faces of the children they left behind who could have been saved by the Quincy Solution.  Now that the NFL has the proper response after a player commits a domestic assault, we are asking you to help prevent him from committing his assault.

Can we arrange a meeting with NFL representatives to discuss how?





Barry Goldstein