Feminism is a self-liberation movement among women. NOMAS stands in support of the analysis of feminism and the social structural changes that are necessary to end patriarchy and male supremacy. In attempting to center that movement, NOMAS does not refer to itself as a feminist organization, but as a pro-feminist organization. Materials in this section are NOMAS’ attempts to amplify that feminist analysis, and add our energy to the movement of women to liberate themselves without appropriating women’s experience.

Men’s Studies Association: 17th Annual Meeting

August 4, 2005 – Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia Our “Living Black Manhood”: Malcolm X and Black Feminism: From Clarity to Accountability Ewuare Osayande, Co-founder, P.O.W.E.R., Facilitator, ONUS, Philadelphia, PA ABSTRACT – When the renowned actor Ossie Davis, a man respected for his choice of words, eulogized Malcolm X in 1965, he called him, “our […]

Men’s Studies Association: 16th Annual Meeting

2004 – San Francisco, CA The Possibility of Men as Peacemakers: Overcoming Men’s Fears Mike Whitty, Ph.D., University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI ABSTRACT – Only when men can let go of fear will there be a real basis for world peace and personal healing. This process of healing men’s woundshas a political dimension. Once […]

Men’s Studies Association: 15th Annual Meeting

August 1, 2003 – University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Are Men’s Support Groups Repackaged Patriarchy? Edward Barton, Michigan State University ABSTRACT – One of the criticisms of Robert Bly and the mythopoetic branch of the contemporar men’s movement is that they are not pro-feminist and that, in fact, they are anti-feminist. This paper will present […]

Men’s Studies Association: 14th Annual Meeting

June 7, 2002 – Stony Point, NY Men Have a Long Way to Go…: The Crisis of Masculinity According to the Profeminist, Men’s Rights, and Mythopoetic Men’s Movements John Fox, University of Massachusetts-Amherst. ABSTRACT -Many scholars claim that there is a contemporary crisis of masculinity, in which men are confused as to what it means […]

Men’s Studies Association: 13th Annual Meeting

July 20, 2001 – University of Denver, Denver, CO Gay Stepfathers: Self-Perception of Their Role Lisa Current, Colorado State University and Jerry Bigner, Ph.D., Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO ABSTRACT – The purpose of this phenomenological study is to explore the roles that gay stepfathers play in their families; how they define and developed […]

Men’s Studies Association: 11th Annual Meeting

July 8, 1999 – Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA Men Who Choose to Teach: A Study of Seven Stories Michael Pecanic, California Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

Men’s Studies Association: 10th Annual Meeting

August 6, 1998 – State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York. Studying Men & Masculinity within a Women’s & Gender Studies Curriculum John Landreau, Catherine Howey, Katherine D’Amora, Patricia DiTillio & Dan Datz, The College of New Jersey, Trenton, NJ Deviant Gender Labels and the Reproduction of Gender Hierarchies Rhonda Singer, Smith […]

Men’s Studies Association: 8th Annual Meeting

July 24, 1996. Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon Childhood Sexual Abuse in Men: The Long-term Effects on Adult Object Realations & Sexuality Peggy Thompson, Pvt. Practice, N.Y.C. My Life as a Mother Ethan Golgor, Independent Scholar, N.Y.C. Paternal Nurturance as a Function of the Current Relationship Between Adult-Son and Father Kostas Katsavdakis, a.b.d., Calif. […]

Bibliography on Men’s Bodies and Body Image

Bordo, Susan. 2000. The male body: A new look at men in public and in private. Farrar Straus & Giroux. Charmaz, Kathy. 1994. Identity dilemmas of chronically ill men. The Sociological Quarterly 35: 269-288. Clarke, Laura Hurd, and Griffin, Meridith. 2008. Failing bodies: Body image and multiple chronic conditions in later life. Qualitative Health Research […]

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