The homophobia of the majority of American men can hardly be underestimated. We speak out for Gay Rights, even in light of frightening and alienating the majority of men before they can hear anything else we have to say, not only because gays are among the most oppressed minorities in the world today, or because gay men and women have been a vital part of our movement, but, because the oppression (heterosexism) of gays is tightly linked to sexism- which is unquestionably the most potent single factor which makes most heterosexual men afraid to deviate from the traditional male sex role.

We advocate for Gay Rights to heal the incalculable damage that homophobia, and the fear and confusion that it engenders, has done to both homosexual and heterosexual men. From this position, it is natural to cite and dispel the popular myths about homosexuality, to mention the incredible fear and suffering and anxiety that oppression inflicts on gay Americans, and to staunchly advocate an end to all discrimination based on sexual orientation.