Organizing is not about “outcomes”!

Organizing that comes out of a clear vision which guides its mission supplies a product.

Its product is not an “outcome” based upon individual participants’ changes or successes; the product is a changed society, achieved by people/groups with a vision of justice and an analysis supplied by truthful inquiry.

This is definitely not what government, business and private funders pay non-profit 501(c) 3 organizations to do.

In fact, they fund *agencies to maintain the status quo in order that society as they know it and want it to be does not change!

*While the word agency can mean “action, operation or power” it is commonly used for non-profit organizations as it is in ‘government agency’: “a business or service acting for others”, i.e. the funder(s). Refer to agent; “One that acts as the representative of another.” If you doubt this take a look at the restrictions, laws and regulations that state or federally designated not-for-profit organizations are required to follow. Look for the history of how and why the federal government crafted 501(c)3 laws in order to control the behavior, practice and use of funds by non-profit organizations.

© Rose Garrity    April 4, 1999