The MSA has held annual meetings in conjunction with the NOMAS Men and Masculinity conferences since 1989. The annual meetings have provided a place where men’s studies scholars, students, teachers, and activists can share their current work. Our intention in these meetings is to be open, inclusive, and collaborative. Thus presenters typically include a mix of well-established figures in the field; those early in their careers; and those just starting out graduate students presenting aspects of theses and dissertations. In the past, the MSA meeting has featured papers and presentations on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to men and feminism; racism; homophobia; fathering; men and spirituality; prostitution and pornography; men and violence; men in the arts and history; constructs of gay masculinity; men in prison and more. In these gatherings we seek to replace the competitive and patriarchal atmosphere of many academic meetings with a more relaxed forum for the constructive exchange of ideas. We do, however, apply two basic criteria in selecting presentations for the annual meeting. First, proposals are reviewed for the soundness of their content and method. When feasible, authors may be given feedback and asked to submit revisions. Second, and most importantly, proposals are reviewed for their consistency with the NOMAS principles of pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist and dedicated to enhancing men’s lives. The content and format of these meetings have varied widely. Sometimes we have used concurrent sessions where a large body of work is available. In other years, we have used only a few papers and spent the bulk of our time in a workshop format. Sometimes the program has been built by inviting some of our more highly skilled and prolific members to conduct workshops and present their current research. But, regardless of the particular format, we endeavor to elicit conversation and exchange of ideas, information, and resources, and people have an opportunity to get to know one another. Participants have found value in each of the seventeen annual meetings and each of these meetings has served to further the teaching, research and application of men’s studies Abstracts from past MSA Meetings are available on the MSA resources page.