The Men’s Studies Association is an association of scholars with an interest in the interdisciplinary field of men’s studies. Our membership includes some of the pioneers of this field (e.g., Robert Brannon, Michael Kimmel, Joseph Pleck) as well as many graduate students and early mid-career scholars. Our refereed scholarly journal was orginally titled “Masculinities” and was published first by us and later by Guilford Press. The journal, now titled “Men & Masculinities” is currently published by Sage. Michael Kimmel of SUNY Stony Brook is the editor (and also co-Chair of the MSA). The MSA is affiliated with NOMAS -The National Organization for Men Against Sexism (for more info. see For the past 20 years, the MSA Annual Meeting has taken place at the site of, and just prior to, the yearly NOMAS conference (33rd this year). Thus the audience for the MSA meeting, in addition to our own scholars, is often joined by activist scholars from NOMAS and some faculty and students from the host university