National Council

NOMAS National Council is comprised of men and women elected from the NOMAS membership based on a number of criteria including past effectiveness in NOMAS causes and general recognition as leaders. The council is chaired by two co-chairs who individually and collectively have decision-making responsibility for NOMAS on a variety of issues affecting the organization at large. Current co-chairs are Allen Corben and Moshe Rozdzial. A complete list of the NOMAS leadership council is posted below.

Allen Corben: NOMAS co-chair, is the Assistant Registrar at Fuller Theological Seminary. He’s been part of NOMAS since the mid-1990s. He earned his MA-Theology in 1988. In addition to his Interfaith work with the National Organization for Community and Justice, he spent ten years in a small a cappalla ensemble. He has also worked both on, and behind the stage, performing in plays and musicals such as Man of La Mancha, The Music Man, The Importance Of Being Earnest and The Diary of Anne Frank, and was on the Board of Directors for the Stepping Stone Players, a Community Theatre company in Glendale, CA. He is currently moderating one of the NOMAS Facebook pages, and working on expanding the understanding and adoption of the NOMAS Model for DV Offender Programs. Allen is married to photographer/writer/director Susan Sternkopf, whose work has been produced in NYC and LA; their daughter, Mallory, is a production stage manager. Apparently, it is genetic.

Barry Goldstein, J.D.: is co-chair of the NOMAS Child Custody Task Group.  He has worked in the domestic violence movement since 1983.  Barry Goldstein is the author of six books related to domestic violence, child abuse, and child custody including: two volumes of Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody, co-edited with Dr. Mo Therese Hannah; two editions of Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor, co-authored with Elizabeth Liu; Scared to Leave Afraid to Stay; and The Quincy Solution: Stop Domestic Violence and Save $500 Billion.  Barry Goldstein was an instructor and all later supervisor in the NOMAS Model batterer program for 21 years.  He is a frequent presenter and speaker throughout the United States and internationally.  Barry served as the Director of Research for the Stop Abuse Campaign for seven years and presently serves as consulting expert for the Center for Judicial Excellence.  Barry Goldstein works with Veronica York serving as a consultant and expert witness in domestic violence custody cases.  He is the author of the Safe Child Act which is the comprehensive legislative proposal that can fix the broken custody court system.

Ben Atherton-Zeman: Spokesperson for NOMAS. Actor, Comedian, Feminist and Husband. Presenting a One-Man Play, “Voices of Men,” which uses humor and celebrity male voice impressions to educate audiences about sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of men’s violence against women. Video clips now available.

Chris S. O’Sullivan: PhD, is a social psychologist who has been conducted research on men’s violence against women – sexual assault, intimate partner violence and human trafficking – with a focus on the criminal and civil justice system response and the social dynamics of abuse and exploitation. She has been principal or co-principal investigator on five research grants from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) on family court treatment of visitation in domestic violence cases, and has also investigated the impact of batterer programs and the prosecution response to DV. Under grants from the Office on Violence Against Women, she has worked on domestic violence initiatives and coordinated community responses. Her interests include the social causes of violence and injustice; factual accuracy and lucid writing; and retaining focus on redressing men’s oppression of women globally while integrating gender inclusion. She is active in her community of Washington Heights, New York, including mitigation of global warming.

Don Bell: is a retired professional in Higher Education Administration/Student Affairs; certified in HIV/AIDS counseling, health education, and outreach; and IDCFS Social Worker. Now at the end of a long hiatus he plans to re-enter the work field in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He has become a recognized resource in the area of aging, in general, and LGBT+ aging in particular. He often presents on those and related intersectional social justice issues. Continuing his lifelong dedication to advocacy and activism, he assumes a leadership role in several social justice organizations. He is a founding member of the National Leadership Council of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS), the nation’s oldest profeminist men’s organization. He is a member of the Board of Directors of The Village Chicago, the largest urban village in the national Village-to-Village Aging Network. He also sits on the Boards of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus and One Roof Chicago, the developers of a proposed intergenerational LGBT-riendly residence for the South Side of Chicago. And finally, he is the nominee of AARP Illinois to Governor JB Pritzker to sit on the newly established Illinois State Commission on LGBTQ+ Aging.

David Greene: is a social psychologist who has been studying, researching, teaching and doing activism around issues of gender for more than forty years. He is an Emeritus Professor at Ramapo College of New Jersey. In the mid-1980s he developed and taught (with Carole Campana) an early course in the Psychology of Gender. He also taught courses in the Psychology of Men, and offerings in race, class, and gender. While at Ramapo he was active with the New Jersey Project for Curriculum Inclusion and in the development and implementation of policies designed to combat sexual harassment. David was a founding member of The Working-Class/Poverty-Class Academics Discussion List. This list, founded in 1994, was an on-line support group for poverty and working-class people who entered the alien world of academe—including students, faculty, administrators, and support staff. He was also an early and active member of the Working-Class Studies Association. David has been a union activist from his early days as a New York City caseworker through his career in higher education,. He served as an officer in Ramapo Local 2274 of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO. For more than twenty years David was an elected Delegate to the Council of New Jersey State College Locals, the statewide bargaining agent for New Jersey state college faculty and professional staff. David has been a member of the NOMAS Council since 2001 and was, for many years a Co-Chair of the Men’s Studies Association. He is currently a Co-Chair of the NOMAS Working-Class Task Group.

Francis J. Bialy: Executive Director, A New Hope Center, Owego, NY; Board Chair, NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Gregory R. White: is Director and founding staff member of the Catholic Charities Domestic Violence Program for Men – a NY Model for Batterer Program in Buffalo, NY. He has been engaged in the anti-oppression work for over twenty years and is a frequent trainer and presenter at national and international conferences. He is Co-Director of the National Training Institute on the NY Model for Batterer Programs and past Chair of the Erie County Coalition Against Family Violence.

Jack Straton: Assistant Professor at Portland State University. Founder, Men Against Rape groups in Eugene, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and Manhattan, Kansas. He has published extensively in professional journals from his research in Quantum Scattering Theory, Gender Equity, and Diversity Training Methods. He has served as co-chair of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) and, as co-chair of the NOMAS Task Group on Child Custody Issues, is recognized as one of the leading writers and speakers in the country with expertise on ethical and public policy issues related to the overlap between child custody, child abuse, and woman abuse.

Jacob Jacquez:Jacob is a clinical social worker (LCSW) and therapist in Salt Lake City

Moshe Rozdzial PhD: NOMAS co-chair. Moshe is licensed professional counselor (LPC) in private practice, in Denver, Colorado. He is a certified sex therapist and trauma counselor. Moshe is a trainer and presenter on issues of diversity, multiculturalism, social justice, sexual orientation, men’s issues, and sexuality.

Phyllis B. Frank: Phyllis B. Frank is a long-standing Rockland County feminist leader.  She is well known for her pioneering work in the LGBTQ+ community.  In 2020, in her honor, the center that she helped create, was renamed the Phyllis B Frank Pride Center of Rockland County. Phyllis’ work against domestic violence has included the co-founding of Rockland Family Shelter in 1979 (today the Center for Safety & Change), the NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the creation of the NOMAS Model for DV Offender Programs. She has been an inspiring leader in the continuing fight for racial justice, and has been honored by election to the Rockland County Civil Rights Hall of Fame. Phyllis serves as Chief Program Officer at the Center for Safety & Change in New City, NY.  She is also a devoted sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend.

Randy Weled: is a psychotherapist and certified Brainspotting Therapist, in private practice in San Francisco, specializing in process oriented trauma work, supporting recovery from addictions such as compulsive sexuality, substance abuse, and debting.

Rose Garrity: is the retired Founder and 30-year Executive Director of A New Hope Center (ANHC), an upstate New York organization providing a full range of services for survivors of abuse, sexual assault and other crimes. Rose developed, built and guided ANHC to do its work with anti-oppression consciousness, and a strong commitment to serve all victims and survivors of abuse and other crimes from a region including and beyond its own county. Rose remains Emeritus on the board of A New Hope Center, was the President and Secretary of the Board of Directors of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) for several terms, remains on the NCADV Advisory Board, served for ten years on the NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence board, two as its president, served for six years on the NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault board, is on the board of a local Center for Gender, Arts and Culture, has been involved with NOMAS since 1990, and serves on the National Leadership Council of NOMAS, among other organizational associations. She has written and trained on topics of justice and equality for many years. She served on the faculty of a national training institute on batterer/perpetrator programs for many years, including presenting on a feminist model for this work to the European Union at a conference in Trieste, Italy.  Rose has received many awards for her work, including the NOMAS Brother Peace Award. In her retirement Rose remains active in many facets of social justice activism, addressing issues such as white supremacy, heterosexism, classism, mass incarceration, patriarchal domination, and growing right-wing neo-fascism.

Sam Yuwar, works tirelessly on issues of cultural/institutional oppression, including issues of racial injustice, sexism, patriarchy and men’s violence against women, to bring about an end to social and human rights injustices. He is a member of the staff at Catholic Charities Domestic Violence Program for Men as well as being actively involved in the work of local coalitions to end men’s violence against women. He has been involved for many years in community organizing with local and international African organizations. He has served as President of the Liberian Association in Buffalo, NY as well as numerous other leadership boards that work on behalf of African and Immigrant communities. Yuwar holds numerousdegrees in Criminal Justice, plus a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA).

Teri Yuan is a survivor, a feminist business consultant, and founder of the Engendered Collective, a platform for survivors, practitioners, and allies to connect in community, learning, and advocacy through the radical inquiry of patriarchy.  As part of the Collective’s work, Teri manages the Kanduit QNA social service community, manages the Collective’s work on The International Coercive Control Conference, and hosts the weekly podcast, en(gender)ed, which explores the systems, practices and policies that enable gender-based violence and oppression and offers solutions to end it. Teri believes that by developing a cultural literacy around power and abuse of power, we can reclaim how we define liberty in relationships and in civic life and solve many of our most urgent social (justice) challenges.

Wayne Morris: is a long time activist and original co-presenter at the institute for the New York Model for Batterers Programs. He is currently supervising and teaching classes at VCS Domestic Violence Program for Men.

Leadership Collective

NOMAS Leadership Collective is made up of members and volunteers who perform a variety of tasks including membership in task groups. acting as resource people or speakers on behalf of NOMAS, and other contributers to NOMAS as designated by the national council

Task Groups/Resource People

NOMAS has historically entrusts policy statements and actions in specific content areas to national resource persons and task group leaders. The National Council has designated resource persons for the areas below.