On Saturday, January 16th representatives from fatherhood programs, domestic violence victim services providers, domestic violence offender treatment programs and others gathered to hear and discuss issues related to encouraging men to take a stand against domestic violence and build positive relationships. Featured at the roundtable were members of the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) Leadership Council. Topics included: Domestic violence batterer programs, the New York Model, the crisis in the custody court system and the role of good men in supporting protective mothers, sex trafficking-prostitution and pornography. Participants were also treated to excerpts from Ben Atherton-Zeman’s soon to be released one-man play, Men’s Monologues Against Violence.

The agencies sponsoring this event included the Colorado Men Against Domestic Violence (CMADV) campaign, Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, AMEND, SafeHouse Denver and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
To learn more about NOMAS, visit www.nomas.org.

Launched in 2008, the CMADV campaign is building a community of men that no longer tolerate domestic violence. To date, 705 people have signed the CMADV pledge of commitment to take a firm stand against this issue. Visit www.coloradomenagainstdv.com to make your commitment today.

From Be Ther For Your Kids, issue 28, 1/10