In 2013, NOMAS co-sponsored a conference with Haven in Detroit. The opening keynote presentation included a position on prostitution that seriously conflicts with NOMAS’s stance. Subsequently, NOMAS was charged with unethical decisions and behavior. The controversy was about the patriarchal, oppressive system of the commercial sex industry, not about any individuals involved in that system.

We did not err in our analysis. We know that, in the heat of the moment, we did err in our process and behavior. We apologized during the conference and publicly on our website. We continue our in-house work to hold ourselves accountable to our ideals of process.

Since the conference, we have taken an inestimable amount of time to reflect on the conference and its aftermath and to review our principles and policies. As a result, we re-examined our By-laws section on accountability,[i] created a new, detailed document on the policy issue of prostitution[ii] and drafted a position statement on sex trafficking/prostitution with specific reference to the 2013 Conference.[iii] These documents are available on the accountability page of our website:

We present the documents to clarify our positions and especially to offer individuals and organizations that have been critical of NOMAS, in the absence of information from us, an opportunity to understand what motivated NOMAS’ members’ actions during and after the 2013 conference.

[i] NOMAS By-laws, Section 11 Accountability

[ii] Policy Positions on Issues of Prostitution, Robert Brannon, Ph.D., Chair, National Task Group on Sex Trafficking, Pornography and the Commercial Sex Industry

[iii] NOMAS Position on Sex Trafficking and Prostitution, Moshe Rozdzial and the National Council of NOMAS