Affiliate Partnership and Collaboration

Affiliate Partnership and Collaboration


 An Affiliate is a nonprofit organization whose mission addresses the Principles and Tenets set forth by NOMAS. The NOMAS chapter will be required to pair with another nonprofit organization and collaborate on programs/projects, education and awareness, and/or addressing public policy directly related to the mission.

 The affiliate organization and the NOMAS chapter will form a partnership in which the Chapter will aid the Affiliate Organization in whatever capacity their need dictates.

 The NOMAS chapter will follow the subsequent guidelines:

 Partnership Coordination

  • Chapter will require a liaison from the Affiliate organization
  • The designated liaison will educate the Chapter Leader/ President on the Affiliate Organization
  • Chapter Leaders will then set goals with the Affiliate liaison in order address their common root cause.

Partnership Collaboration

  • Chapter will need to aid the Affiliate Organization primarily in the areas of fundraising, education and advocacy.
  • Fundraising- raising funds for Affiliate projects, educational programs, or advocacy activities
  • Education- Chapter will aid in creating educational resources
  • Advocacy- Chapter will help Affiliate Organization by addressing root cause issues, creating awareness, and advocating systemic change. This may include creating awareness about public policy and legislature that directly affects the mission of the Affiliate Organization.
  • 100% of the funds received by the NOMAS Chapter will go toward the Affiliate Organization’s project, educational programs, or advocacy related activities.

Partnership Plan of Action

  • Chapter and Affiliate Organization will solidify a plan addressing the need expressed by the Affiliate Organization
  • The Plan will include achievable objectives, tasks and activities
  • Budget
  • Any Committees that may be formed to execute the plan will be comprised of both Chapter Leaders and Affiliate Representatives