Chapter Structure


A NOMAS Chapter is an localized extension of NOMAS which addresses the same root causes and needs, but in a specific geographic location.

An Affiliate Organization Agreement is required to start a NOMAS chapter. An Affiliate Organization is a non-profit organization whose mission and goals align with NOMAS principles and tenets. This agreement establishes a partnership between the Affiliate Organization and the NOMAS chapter, in which the NOMAS chapter will aid the Affiliate Organization in one or more of the 3 primary functions of the chapter.

Three Functions of a NOMAS Chapter:

  • Fundraising– The NOMAS chapter will aid in fundraising efforts for any agreed upon program or activity established by the Affiliate Organization

  • Educating– The NOMAS Chapter will help create educational materials and resources that may further the cause of the Affiliate Organization

  • Advocating– The NOMAS Chapter will assist by creating awareness of specific issue and by developing means to create systemic change, through altering attitudes and institutional behaviors that perpetuate the underlying root cause. This may include public policy and legislature that directly affects the mission of the Affiliate Organization.


According to the NOMAS bylaws, four (4) NOMAS members are needed to found a new chapter.

The local chapter will be required to pay membership dues to the national office annually, but dues may be waived due to financial hardship. Memberships start at $15. In turn, the national office will support the local chapter with materials, publicity and financial support.

NOMAS chapters will organize their own programs and are trusted to abide and uphold the NOMAS “Statement of Principles” and Tenets.

NOMAS chapters and affiliates will report to the national council at least twice a year on local activities and programs.

NOMAS chapters will create and abide by their own By-laws.(By-laws sample available in administration and resource section).

NOMAS chapters will be required to file an Annual Report at the end of the year and must keep accurate financial records (if applicable).

NOMAS chapter will consistently update their web page, social media pages (facebook, twitter, pinterst, etc), and create a service events calendar. The calendar will list any events or activities in which the local chapter will be participating or attending.

Affiliate Organization Agreement and Fundraising:

As a requirement the local chapter will need to seek out an Affiliate Organization and develop a partnership. If the local chapter participates in fundraising on behalf of the Affiliate Organization, all proceeds will go to Affiliate Organization.

Each Chapter must comply with their state’s fundraising filing requirements. If the local chapter’s state requires that the chapter file even though the chapter is not receiving any funds, it may be beneficial to establish a fiscal sponsorship with the Affiliate Organization. If the organization cannot establish a fiscal sponsorship with the local chapter, the chapter will have to engage in other activities or establish its own 501(c)3 status. The local chapter may also apply to the national office. The national office will base the allowance of fundraising efforts on the chapter’s history of financial reporting and accountability.

Additional Chapter Roles and Responsibilities:

The 4 members of NOMAS will be required to complete a Chapter Application and submit it to the national office. Once approved, the Leadership Council will establish a partnership with an Affiliate Organization and submit the Affiliate Organization Agreement to the national office within three months of approval.

The required 4 members of NOMAS will fill the roles of the Leadership Council. A delegated Affiliate Member will also be part of the Leadership Council.

  • Affiliate Organization Delegate
  • President/ Chair of Chapter
  • Vice President/ Vice Chair of Chapter
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

All members of the Leadership Council will be responsible for coordinating and collaborating with the Affiliate Organization and executing plans to meet goals and objectives.

The Delegate from the Affiliated Organization will educate the NOMAS leaders on the history and mission of their organization as well as provide any additional information on the organization required to execute goals and objectives.

 Any Committees formed to execute portions of the plan will be comprised of chapter members and organization representatives.