Men's Studies Association: 14th Annual Meeting

Men Have a Long Way to Go…: The Crisis of Masculinity According to the Profeminist, Men’s Rights, and Mythopoetic Men’s Movements

John Fox, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

ABSTRACT -Many scholars claim that there is a contemporary crisis of masculinity, in which men are confused as to what it means to be “real men.” In response to economic, geographical, political, and familial changes and feminism, men’s movements have emerged in the form of: an  antifeminist backlash, represented by the men’s rights wing; a promale response, shown by the mythopoetic men’s movement; and a profeminst response represented by the profeminist men’s movement.

Men's Studies Association: 15th Annual Meeting

Are Men’s Support Groups Repackaged Patriarchy?

Edward Barton, Michigan State University    

ABSTRACT - One of the criticisms of Robert Bly and the mythopoetic branch of the contemporar men’s movement is that they are not pro-feminist and that, in fact, they are anti-feminist. This paper will present a review of the literature of men’s support groups from a mythopoetic perspective, social support perspective, and self-help group perspective, which will be informed by data from structured interviews of men in two different types of mythopoetic peer mutual support groups.

Seeking Masculinities in the Middle East: An Anthropology of Power and Absence

Don Conway-Long, Ph.D., Webster University, St.

Men's Studies Association: 16th Annual Meeting

The Possibility of Men as Peacemakers:  Overcoming Men's Fears

Mike Whitty, Ph.D., University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI

ABSTRACT - Only when men can let go of fear will there be a real basis for world peace and personal healing.  This process of healing men's woundshas a political dimension. Once men embrace a new, healthy and profeminist worldview there will be a real possibility that men can become peacemakers.  Among the many peacemaking projects of socially conscious men are the ending of homophobia, sexism, racism, nationalism and the creed of greed.  Men's Studies plays an important role in this awakening.

Men's Studies Association: 17th Annual Meeting

Our "Living Black Manhood": Malcolm X and Black Feminism: From Clarity to Accountability

Ewuare Osayande, Co-founder, P.O.W.E.R., Facilitator, ONUS, Philadelphia, PA

ABSTRACT - When the renowned actor Ossie Davis, a man respected for his choice of words, eulogized Malcolm X in 1965, he called him, "our Black manhood, our living Black manhood." In this presentation, I will seek to honor those words by offering Malcolm's legacy as a living example for us Black men as it relates to his ever-growing understanding of male domination in the context of imperialism and racial violence.

This presentation will look at the development of Malcolm's view of women as expressed by himself in The Autobiography of Malcolm X.