Acquaintance Rape of College Students: A problem oriented guide for police

The Problem of Acquaintance Rape of College Students

Rape is the most common violent crime on American college campuses today. This guide describes the problem of acquaintance rape of college students, addressing its scope, causes and contributing factors; methods for analyzing it on a particular campus; tested responses; and measures for assessing response effectiveness.

Racial Intervention Story Exchange (RISE)

I have recently developed a Web Repository - The Racial Intervention Story Exchange - where students, teachers, employees, managers, and other concerned people can exchange stories of the ways in which they have intervened across racial lines. When European Americans consider racism in the US, they often think of the KKK and skinheads, but what dominates the attention of many people-of-color are what Lauren Nile calls the "Daily Indignities," the relentless episodes of mistreatment that they are subjected to by shop-keepers, police, airline agents, and others in the commercial sphere.

The Daddy Balance

Like a walk on a high wire or an advanced yoga pose, the challenge of balancing our work and family life keeps most fathers on our toes. During my regular workshops with soon-to-be first-time fathers, their top concern is time management after their child arrives. As men we tend to identify closely with our paid work, and our important role as breadwinner comes most naturally to many of us.

Bibliography for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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