The History and Odyssey of Pro-Feminist American Fathers

Ever wonder where fathers fit in the history of Pro-Feminist American Families?  


According to Dr. Joseph Pleck, the Victorian father was “Moral Overseer” of his family, the one who taught them right from wrong, good from bad, and to fear God. This is a noble and necessary role for a father, to be sure, yet fathers in this era showed little affection to their children, especially sons, and during this time when slavery was practiced in parts of America, the image of father as overseer brings to mind the troubling image of slave ownership.

The Developmental Experience of Gay/Lesbian Youth

I propose that everyone in our society is homophobic. In addition, it is my strong belief that gay and lesbian individuals, prior to coming out, are among the most homophobic people in our society. Most of us do not think of ourselves as homophobic, however, and many people will disagree with this concept of universal homophobia, especially as applied to them.

Abortion: The Ultimate Insult to Male Authority

by Joyce Arthur (choice joyce)

Reprinted with permission from the author (originally published on the Blogger’s Paradise on Daily Kos)

The biggest difference by far between men and women, the only one that's
really important - is that women can bear children and men cannot. I
believe that difference, in one way or another, directly or indirectly,

Father Facts: The Importance of Being an Active Dad

Fathers matter, we are aware of that, but we may not know exactly what a male presence brings to children and families. Stop for just a moment and ask yourself “what’s most important about being (or having) an active dad in the picture?” You can probably come up with several good reasons why fathers should be integrally involved with their kids and partners.