Reproductive Rights

Men for Women’s Choice

Like an ever-growing number of men around the world, we think that women should control their own bodies. We hold these truths as deep moral beliefs. All humans should have the right to autonomy and bodily integrity. For women and men, this often means the same thing, but for women it has an additional meaning: the ability to make choices regarding whether she will bear a child.

We believe that no man should be able to force a woman to bear a child she does not want.

Pr-Choice Sign Making

Oct 3 2010 - 1:30pm
Oct 3 2010 - 3:00pm
Every year, Massachusetts Citizens for Life holds a big anti-choice march.
Every year, Boston NOW organizes a counter-protest to represent a pro-choice voice and message to the public.

New Brocure: for Men and other Support People during Her Abortion Process

After a lengthy review process, The Feminist Women's Health Center, in conjunction with the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, are proud to announce the debut of a brochure entitled "for Men and other Support People during Her Abortion Process".  The brochure addresses the need for comprehensive education and sensitive rendering of the challenges faced by males and other supportive parties bringing a woman into health-care settings for an abortion.

Abortion: The Ultimate Insult to Male Authority

by Joyce Arthur (choice joyce)

Reprinted with permission from the author (originally published on the Blogger’s Paradise on Daily Kos)

The biggest difference by far between men and women, the only one that's
really important - is that women can bear children and men cannot. I
believe that difference, in one way or another, directly or indirectly,

Position Statement on Reproductive Rights

Being a pro-feminist organization, NOMAS defers to the position of the National Organization for Women on the issue of reproductive rights of women. For each of the following issues:

  • legislation about parental and/or paternal consent
  • catastrophic late-term abortion
  • presidential gag-rules
  • public funds for contraception and/or abortion
  • US Military personnel access to abortion
  • US support for organizations at home and abroad that provide abortion services
  • inaccessibility of abortion providers to women in substantial areas of the country
  • mandatory sterilization
  • religious hospitals’ refusal to provide facilities and/or services
  • punitive reactions from local, state and national institutions

as well as on other issues, NOMAS affirms and supports the individual woman’s right to choose, without governmental, judicial and familial interference.

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