Child Custody

10 Ways Anti-sexist Men Can Help Reform the Broken Custody Court System

By Barry Goldstein,

NOMAS Child Custody Task Group

What is Fair for Children of Abusive Men?


I will first critically examine the criterion at the base of all custody laws today, “What is in the best interests of the children?” I will the talk about children’s choice in these matters. Then I will examine the actual effects of wife-battering on children, and develop an alternative paradigm for custody based on those effects.

Policy Statement on Child Custody Laws*

The National Organization for Men Against Sexism1 is committed to make substantive this nation's ideals of equality and justice. In choosing loyalties in disputes over child custody, any society that cares for its future must make its primary concern that which is truly in the best interests of children. In a society such as ours in which men daily subject women to violence, oppression, and discrimination, men who would not add to this violence must not blindly side with other men in custody disputes.

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