Men's Culture

Position Paper on Men's Culture

Despite more than 100 years of the women's movement promoting gender equality and civil rights for all people, twenty-first century Western culture seems increasingly intent on maintaining and perpetuating traditional sexist stereotypes that cut us off from the social justice movements, and the gender-egalitarian roots historically found in indigenous societies and folk communities.

NOMAS refuses to collude with this populist and increasingly corporate culture that glorifies all forms of violence, sexism, racism, and homophobia.

Men's Culture

by Sidney Miller

The true meaning of a social movement is not found in official pronouncements, constitutions, or minutes of meetings... nor in the dry words of historical or social analysis. Rather, one must look to the prophetic visions and landscapes of the writers, artists, and musicians who lived that experience, for a human record of the stormy Mondays and melancholy Tuesdays of that collective journey.

Our lives as men have so often moved forward in isolation and loneliness, within the cruel walls men have erected between each other.