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Cooptation: Repressive Bureaucracy and its Effects on Activists and Advocates for Social Change; Why Doing Not-for-Profit Advocacy Work in the United States is so Difficult

© October 1995, updated September 2013, and December 2014  by Rose Garrity   INTRODUCTION This paper will use domestic violence programs as a useful example, yet the same issues apply to all regulated/licensed/controlled by funder programs. Most of us who began to offer domestic violence and other advocacy services in the earliest days of the battered women’s movement (from the early 1970s) did so

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Organizing Social Change

Organizing is not about “outcomes”! Organizing that comes out of a clear vision which guides its mission supplies a product. Its product is not an “outcome” based upon individual participants’ changes or successes; the product is a changed society, achieved by people/groups with a vision of justice and an analysis supplied by truthful inquiry. This is definitely not what government, business and private funders

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