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Ray Rice Gets Away with it Again

Who Should We Blame? By Barry Goldstein The Ray Rice case resonates for me because I have been working in the movement to prevent domestic violence for the past 31 years.  I have seen too many women like Janay Palmer brutally beaten by men who believed there were circumstances that could justify their assaults.  I have seen all too many stories and been involved

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And then Ray Rice and Roger Goodell had to Ruin the World

And then Ray Rice and Roger Goodell had to Ruin the World By Barry Goldstein   My domestic violence education started when three children told their mother that their father was physically and sexually abusing them.  She tried to protect them by filing a petition for custody and a protective order and reporting his abuse to Child Protective Services (CPS).  Initially the children were

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NFL Get’s It Right!

NFL Gets Domestic Violence Right After Further Review By Barry Goldstein Roger Goodell responded to criticism of his lenient punishment of Ray Rice by conducting a new and better investigation.  This led to a new decision, not on the Rice case, but on future practices.  From now on NFL players and other employees who engage in domestic violence assaults will receive a minimum penalty

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Ray Rice Terminated

The NFL Must Focus On Prevention As Well As Punishment By Barry Goldstein   The Stop Abuse Campaign is focused on stopping domestic violence through implementation of the Quincy Solution.  This is why we have offered three articles criticizing the NFL for the lenient, unaccountable response to Ray Rice’s brutal attack on his then girl friend. We also commended Commissioner Goodell for acknowledging his

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