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The Harmfulness of Pornography

A huge majority of Americans believe that some forms of “pornography” – eg. eroticized rape scenes – influence some men toward real-life sexual aggression. Social science also now confirms this. A large body of behavioral research shows that men exposed to certain rape portrayals show psychological changes that increase the likelihood of attacks on women. A common scenario – She refuses, he forces her,

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10 Major Unresolved Issues Within the Anti-Pornography Struggle

A challenge to the feminist anti-pornography movement has been a lack of consensus about key issues and goals.  The NOMAS National Task Group on Pornography & Prostitution has developed a list of ten such unresolved issues (see below).  We seek to encourage more thinking and constructive discussion about them. 1.  The anti-pornography movement was large and making headlines, in the late 1980’s and early 90’s.  Today,

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