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Battered/Formerly Battered Women’s Caucus

STATEMENT-July 14, 2004 In order for the domestic violence movement to facilitate effective and positive social change in our society, it is imperative that Battered and Formerly Battered Women have a clear presence and a loud voice to direct and guide this movement. We have a commitment to provide compassionate,respectful support to the women we serve. As a movement, it is in our best

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NFL Get’s It Right!

NFL Gets Domestic Violence Right After Further Review By Barry Goldstein Roger Goodell responded to criticism of his lenient punishment of Ray Rice by conducting a new and better investigation.  This led to a new decision, not on the Rice case, but on future practices.  From now on NFL players and other employees who engage in domestic violence assaults will receive a minimum penalty

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Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice: Mice or Men?

By Barry Goldstein   What I Want from Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice The NFL suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season in response to his plea bargain taking responsibility for the criminal beating he inflicted on his four-year-old son.  Adrian Peterson and the NFL Players Association immediately announced an appeal.  Ray Rice already had a hearing in

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Newsweek Article: Fighting Over The Kids

Fighting Over The Kids: Battered spouses take aim at a controversial custody strategy Newsweek: Sept. 25, 2006 issue By Sarah Childress   Genia is one of many parents nationwide who have lost custody due to a controversial concept known as parental alienation. Under the theory, children fear or reject one parent because they have been corrupted or coached to lie by the other. Parental

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Barry Goldstein

BARRY GOLDSTEIN, attorney, teacher, author and advocate for women abused by their partner (and too often the courts) has written a book for women seeking to leave their abusers and for their friends, family, supporters and advocates. SCARED TO LEAVE AFRAID TO STAY Paths From Family Violence to Safety tells the story of ten women as they left their abusers seeking a better life.

Position paper on court mandated mental health treatment for men who batter

Many courts throughout the country are using mental health treatment as a penalty for men’s acts of assault against their partners. It is our strong professional determination, based on many decades of work in the field, that an order for mental health treatment as a sanction for an assault is not the appropriate response. Mental health treatment offers people the opportunity to do the

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The Importance of Using Accountable Language

by Phyllis B. Frank and Barry Goldstein This article was conceived because of the frequency with which leaders of our movement and presenters at conferences use unaccountable language in our presentations and proposals, even as they deeply care about ending men’s violence against women and have devoted their lives to helping women partnered with abusive men. Like all tools of oppression, unaccountable language is

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“Domestic Violence” as part of the broader issue of “Domestic Abuse”

“Domestic Violence” as part of the broader issue of “Domestic Abuse” The horrific physical violence that so many men continue to inflict on their wives or woman partners is truly astonishing, shocking, and galvanizing: slaps, punches, choking, severe shaking, being thrown against walls or down stairs, arms twisted or broken, burns, stabbings, gunshots, and innumerable other forms of physical injury. Yet there has been

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2009 BrotherPeace Award goes to Barry Goldstein

The Ending Men’s Violence Network of NOMAS addresses all forms of violence by men, particularly in the context of patriarchal privilege and sexism.  The EMV-Net is especially active in working against domestic abuse, but also addresses sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault, and the abuse of women in trafficking, prostitution and pornography. The EMV-Net periodically awards its National BrotherPeace Award to an individual who has made

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