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The Mirror Solution to Child Sexual Abuse

by Barry Goldstein   The Pennsylvania Attorney General is now following-up by investigating some of the people who helped Jerry Sandusky continue to molest boys long after he should have been discovered and stopped. A recent news report described a meeting between the young man known at the Sandusky trial as victim #1, his mother and school officials. The boy had revealed Sandusky’s abuse

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War on Mothers: Part 2

By Barry Goldstein   Gender Bias At least 40 states and many judicial districts have created court-sponsored gender bias committees.  Although they have used widely varied approaches and strategies over a few decades, they have all found substantial gender bias against women.  In earlier studies there was a focus on unwanted touching and inappropriate requests for dates or sex.  This was almost entirely something

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Of Sluts and Bastards

by Louise Armstrong: A summary by Janet Dodd, (surrounding an internet discussion on CPS): The book is fabulous.  Historically, the concept of “family privacy”, has functioned, in practice, as protection from public scrutiny for families headed by able-bodied, middle-class (and above), white, hetero-sexual men.  You show very clearly in your book that for the most part it still does.  This makes legal policies and procedures

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Newsweek Article: Fighting Over The Kids

Fighting Over The Kids: Battered spouses take aim at a controversial custody strategy Newsweek: Sept. 25, 2006 issue By Sarah Childress   Genia is one of many parents nationwide who have lost custody due to a controversial concept known as parental alienation. Under the theory, children fear or reject one parent because they have been corrupted or coached to lie by the other. Parental

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