Position Paper on Men's Culture

Despite more than 100 years of the women's movement promoting gender equality and civil rights for all people, twenty-first century Western culture seems increasingly intent on maintaining and perpetuating traditional sexist stereotypes that cut us off from the social justice movements, and the gender-egalitarian roots historically found in indigenous societies and folk communities.

NOMAS refuses to collude with this populist and increasingly corporate culture that glorifies all forms of violence, sexism, racism, and homophobia. The process of rethinking culture in contemporary times, in the context of political and social change, must include and strengthen inter-disciplinary relationships between art and social movements while heightening aesthetic pleasure.

NOMAS believes that the integration of the arts into the human struggle for social equality is a central element in the anti-oppression work that leads to systemic change. NOMAS' vision is to leverage the inherent potential of all art forms to communicate our message and enhance our everyday lives.

NOMAS will foster the melding of artistic and cultural activities in the promotion of social consciousness and change through performances, talks, workshops, publications, and art and photography exhibitions both as part of our annual conference as well as independently through local chapters.