Men and Masculinity Conference:Creating Connections for Gender Justice

and the 18th Annual Men's Studies Association Meeting

Were held on August 3 through 6 at the Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah, NJ.

The conferences on Men & Masculinity are for activists, academics, workers in mental health, diversity, faith communities, domestic and sexual violence. They are for anyone interested in gathering, organizing and working to end all forms of oppression and injustice and to celebrate choice, alternatives, and possibilities.

M&M 31 was co-presented by:

  • Ramapo College Women's Center
  • Rockland Family Shelter & Stop F.E.A.R. Coalition/DELTA Project
  • Up the River Endeavors

Ramapo is a small progressive college with a beautiful green campus, in a charming farming - suburban area in northern New Jersey, a short drive from New York City. NOMAS wishes to thank its co-presenters and especially the Ramapo College Women's Center whose members and volunteers did such a wonderful job.