Child Custody Articles

What Does Safe Feel Like?

The Real Meaning of Stopping Domestic Violence: Helping Potential Victims Feel Safe By Barry Goldstein   Dara Carlin is one of the best domestic violence advocates and told Elizabeth Liu and me a story when we were working on our book to train attorneys. Dara has a friend who is literally seven feet tall and could be scary to those who don’t know him.

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Will Baseball Get Domestic Violence Right?

Will the MLB’s response include accountability and monitoring? By Barry Goldstein In the wake of the NFL’s repeated fumbles with their response to the abuse cases of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and too many others, major league baseball is working with the players to do better. Working on this issue when there is no controversial case pending is a particularly good idea. Baseball also

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Newsweek Article: Fighting Over The Kids

Fighting Over The Kids: Battered spouses take aim at a controversial custody strategy Newsweek: Sept. 25, 2006 issue By Sarah Childress   Genia is one of many parents nationwide who have lost custody due to a controversial concept known as parental alienation. Under the theory, children fear or reject one parent because they have been corrupted or coached to lie by the other. Parental

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