NOMAS Bylaws on Accountability

11. ACCOUNTABILITY 11.1 Definition We understand the term accountability to mean an explicit process of voluntary communication and consultation with representatives of social groups whose interests and concerns are considered most relevant and important. Being “accountable” to a group does not mean taking orders from that group, or handing over the responsibility for making appropriate decisions. It does mean consulting with that group before

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The Politics of Accountability

by Jonathan Cohen Accountability has become a watchword in the movement to end domestic violence. It is almost impossible to be involved in any work related to ending domestic violence without hearing the word accountability bandied about. But while some might glaze over at its mention, to battered women, their advocates and allies, it is an essential tenet in the movement for freedom. Accountability,

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The Importance of Using Accountable Language

by Phyllis B. Frank and Barry Goldstein This article was conceived because of the frequency with which leaders of our movement and presenters at conferences use unaccountable language in our presentations and proposals, even as they deeply care about ending men’s violence against women and have devoted their lives to helping women partnered with abusive men. Like all tools of oppression, unaccountable language is

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