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22nd Men’s Studies Association Schedule of Presentations

On August 1, 2010, the Men’s Studies Association of the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) held its 22nd National Meeting in Anaheim, CA, in conjunction with the NCADV/NOMAS collaborative conference on Ending Violence:  Changin Faces of the Movement.  The scheduled offerings of scholarly papers in the field of men’s studies were as follows:

  • Domestic Violence Court Research. Chris O’Sullivan, Co-Principal Investigator at Center for Court Innovation.
  • Co-Constructing a Queer Relationship: Vulnerably Writing Masculinities. Derek Bolen, doctoral student, Department of Communication, Wayne State University, and Brandon Hensley, Lecturer and Presidential Scholar, Department of Communication Studies, Eastern Illinois University.
  • Domestic Violence, Contested Child Custody and the Courts: Findings from Five Studies. Sharon K. Araji, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, University of Colorado, Denver, and Barry Goldstein, J.D., Advocate for Protective Mothers.
    The Harm of Pornography: Research Findings Revisited. Bob Brannon, Prof. of Psychology, Brooklyn College.
  • Guyland. Michael Kimmel, Prof. of Sociology, Stony Brook State University of New York.
  • A Review of this Year’s Research in Men’s Studies: What can the Abstracts Tell Us? David Greene, Emeritus Prof. of Psychology, Ramapo College

The Men’s Studies Association serves to link a diverse group of activist scholars, students, teachers, practitioners, and others who study issues of men and masculinity through a feminist-informed perspective.

Our meetings are open to everyone and are of interest to non-academics: instead of just jargon and statistics, we provide food for thought, support for feminist positions, lively discussion, and time well spent.

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