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September 2015

Changing Abusers’ Behavior: What Works What Doesn’t

By Barry Goldstein   Introduction A few years ago I attended a national conference for and about batterer programs. One of my colleagues aptly referred to it as a marketing conference for the batterer program industry. I am sure there were many people at the conference that sincerely sought to reduce domestic violence and believed their programs could help accomplish this. Nevertheless I was

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1991 BrotherPeace Award: Dr. Mary Koss

Mary Koss’ award was at the  Sixteenth Annual Conference on Men and Masculinity in Tucson, Arizona. June 7, 1991.I am delighted to inform you that you have been chosen as the first-ever recipient of the BrotherPeace Award by the Ending Men’s Violence Task Group of the National Organization For Men Against Sexism, in thanks for your outstanding academic contributions to anti-rape activism.  The EMV

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NOMAS Says ‘Happy Birthday’ to Dr. Phyllis Chesler

I have always admired Phyllis Chesler as one of the earliest founding mothers of second-wave feminism.   She has also been the embodiment of a special role which I admire, and have always aspired to: a feminist social scientist.  Her work over the past forty years has deeply influenced me, both in general ways as a role model and professional inspiration, and on very

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By Barry Goldstein I can understand why the court system did not immediately seek to learn from and rely on domestic violence experts when domestic violence first became a public issue in the mid to late 1970s. There was no research available and few domestic violence advocates. A popular assumption and misconception was that domestic violence was caused by mental illness, substance abuse and

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What Does Safe Feel Like?

The Real Meaning of Stopping Domestic Violence: Helping Potential Victims Feel Safe By Barry Goldstein   Dara Carlin is one of the best domestic violence advocates and told Elizabeth Liu and me a story when we were working on our book to train attorneys. Dara has a friend who is literally seven feet tall and could be scary to those who don’t know him.

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