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August 2015

Media Apologizes for Giving Cosby Free Pass

What will the media do now about ongoing abuse? By Barry Goldstein Cosby biographer sorry for not pursuing rape claims Whitaker’s book has gotten good reviews (USA TODAY’s reviewer gave it four out of four stars, describing it as a “cogent” definition of “Cosby’s artistry”), but others had questioned Whitaker’s choices even before the resurgence of the sexual abuse allegations in recent months. Whitaker himself was

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Calling It Anger Adds to the Danger: Anger Management Policy Statement

Phyllis B. Frank and Gail K. Golden The counseling division of our agency intentionally does not offer what has been referred to as”anger management” programs. With decades of experience to draw upon, we have determined that most people who are thought to need anger management programs already know how to manage their anger, and do so, on a daily basis in a wide variety

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Will Baseball Get Domestic Violence Right?

Will the MLB’s response include accountability and monitoring? By Barry Goldstein In the wake of the NFL’s repeated fumbles with their response to the abuse cases of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and too many others, major league baseball is working with the players to do better. Working on this issue when there is no controversial case pending is a particularly good idea. Baseball also

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NOMAS Position on Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

  Moshe Rozdzial and The National Council of NOMAS The National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) has, since its inception, advocated an “abolitionist” position, strongly opposing the life-destroying use of women and children – by men – in sex trafficking and prostitution. NOMAS views prostitution and sex trafficking (they are essentially the same) as a global tool of patriarchal oppression, very often based

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