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July 2012

Objectification Of Women

“Objectification of Women” Phyllis B. Frank Pictures Never Lie ? Think about the hundreds or thousands pictures of Women that we see, every month and year, in magazines, on TV, in the movies, in advertising. How do these pictures compare with what we see when we look at the real women around us, every day? In a country where coverage of women’s lives and

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“Domestic Violence” as part of the broader issue of “Domestic Abuse”

“Domestic Violence” as part of the broader issue of “Domestic Abuse” The horrific physical violence that so many men continue to inflict on their wives or woman partners is truly astonishing, shocking, and galvanizing: slaps, punches, choking, severe shaking, being thrown against walls or down stairs, arms twisted or broken, burns, stabbings, gunshots, and innumerable other forms of physical injury. Yet there has been

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Men’s Violence Against Women

by Christopher Kilmartin   April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and too often we see domestic violence and rape defined as “women’s issues.” Since men do the vast majority of the damage, I think it’s a men’s issue. I’ll begin with a story, not a very happy one, to set the tone. A little while back, The Washington Post ran a story about a

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Beyond Guilt: How to Deal with Societal Racism

By Lauren Nile and Jack Straton Racism manifests in a number of ways, including internalized, personal, institutional, and societal. This article addresses the specific form of racism that we refer to as “societal,” and provides a method of responding to the guilt-based reactions of many European Americans to the subject of racism.   Download: Guilt_Nile_Straton[1].pdf

The History and Odyssey of Pro-Feminist American Fathers

by Doug Gertner Ever wonder where fathers fit in the history of Pro-Feminist American Families?   According to Dr. Joseph Pleck, the Victorian father was “Moral Overseer” of his family, the one who taught them right from wrong, good from bad, and to fear God. This is a noble and necessary role for a father, to be sure, yet fathers in this era showed

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