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June 2012

12 Steps Men Can Take to End Sexism

1. Don’t interrupt women when they speak, control their space, or assume they need your protection.  Focus on the effect of your actions, rather than on the intent. 2. Support women’s leadership and help elect progressive women to political office. 3. Support women’s equality in education, sports, and in the workplace. 4. Don’t condone, laugh at, or tell sexist (racist or homophobic) jokes or

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10 Major Unresolved Issues Within the Anti-Pornography Struggle

A challenge to the feminist anti-pornography movement has been a lack of consensus about key issues and goals.  The NOMAS National Task Group on Pornography & Prostitution has developed a list of ten such unresolved issues (see below).  We seek to encourage more thinking and constructive discussion about them. 1.  The anti-pornography movement was large and making headlines, in the late 1980’s and early 90’s.  Today,

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Anti-Semitism and Heterosexism: Common Constructs of Oppression

Moshe Rozdzial, PhD All oppressions have common roots. Born out of misinformation and directed toward the “other,” the goal of any oppression is the unjust, destructive, and unequal distribution of power to the advantage of one group over another. And although there is no specific hierarchy of oppressions, the context in which they manifest themselves – history, economics, or politics – makes some types

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What is Fair for Children of Abusive Men?

A presentation by Jack Straton at What About the Kids? Custody and Visitation Decisions in Families with a History of Violence, a National Training Project of the Duluth Domestic Abuse Project on Thursday, October 8, 1992, Duluth, Minnesota Introduction I will first critically examine the criterion at the base of all custody laws today, “What is in the best interests of the children?” I

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Thousands of Miles, Months at a Time: The Amazing Story of Two Men’s Dreams of Fatherhood

Excerpt: “Sometimes fatherhood means having vision; it’s about doing those hard things that set an example and build character in young men. The dads knew sooner or later the boys would wonder about their roots. They were sure to have questions about their birth mother, and the village they came from.” Full story here

Not a Two-Way street: Men are NOT the victims of what is meant by Domestic Violence and Abuse

Just as some mental problems are more prevalent among women (e.g. depression) or men (e.g. alcoholism); many crimes are very, very highly correlated with gender. Men commit near 100% of forcible rapes, 90% of murders, etc. It is a simple fact that men are usually larger and physically stronger than their female partners. It is true that men are far more often raised to

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NOMAS Requests Limbaugh Be Taken Off the Air

The National Organization for Men Against Sexism condemns the latest hateful message from Rush Limbaugh and encourages his removal from the airwaves.  Limbaugh is one of the leading spokesmen for the most extreme side of the Republican Party and has a long history of sexist, racist, heterosexist and other indecent statements.  As men and women of conscience, we cannot allow this man’s voice to

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Denim Day: pledge to wear jeans on April 25 and commit to educate about sexual violence.

NOMAS is proud to endorse Denim Day in LA & USA sexual violence prevention and education campaign. On Wednesday, April 25th, Peace Over Violence will host the 13th Annual, and invite you to join us in educating the community at large on sexual violence prevention and the resources available to support survivors. Last year, over 2.6 million people from across the U.S. (and several foreign countries) made a social

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NOMAS Joins with NY- NOW to Celebrate the Legacy of Betty Freidan

Dr. Robert Brannon, for NOMAS The National Organization for Men Against Sexism. On the dedication of the Betty Freidan Memorial Marker. November 10, 2011 Grandview, NY Just over 50 years ago, in a house near here where we stand, a woman in her mid-30’s, Betty Goldstein Freidan, struggled in isolation, against impossible, ancient, even invisible glass-ceiling barriers, to write a book which in turn

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